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    With over 8 years of experience, we specialize in successfully launching brands on Amazon in Australia and globally. an integral part of your team, we ensure seamless communication and collaboration, delivering outstanding results. Trust us to help your brand in the competitive online marketplace.

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    We are not just another agency – we are your dedicated partner in success. Let’s work together to elevate your brand’s presence and achieve the growth it truly deserves.


    Over 8 years of

    Launching & Scaling

    Brands on Amazon

    Account Audit

    Every brand has a distinctive history and a vision for the future. Leveraging scientific and data-based research, we meticulously analyze each project to uncover challenges, strategic insights, and growth prospects across various product categories, ensuring a customized approach for your brand’s success.

    Goals & KPIs

    We are committed to establishing attainable goals and KPIs that align with your brand’s unique vision and mission. Through meticulous analysis and strategic planning, we ensure that our approach drives sustainable growth for your account. Our focus is on creating a tailored roadmap that propels your brand’s success in a meaningful and measurable way.

    Optimize & Scale

    Our approach at Project e focuses on sustaining the growth of brand sales and profitability on Amazon. Through comprehensive account management, high-converting listings, data-driven optimizations, and adherence to Amazon’s TOS, we ensure sustainable growth. Additionally, our profitable PPC management further propels our clients’ success on the platform.


    what we do

    Amazon SEO

    We leverage a data-driven approach to optimize listings, ensuring maximum visibility and conversion rates. Through thorough analysis and strategic implementation, we tailor product listings to stand out and drive sales on Amazon.

    Product Creatives

    We excel in providing top-quality designs for Amazon listings, employing the best design practices and adhering to Amazon's TOS. Through strategic utilization of stack images, A+ content, and brand store features, we showcase your brand in the best possible light to enhance its visibility and appeal to customers.

    Amazon Advertising

    We expertly manage PPC on Amazon to align with your brand's sales and profitability objectives. By meticulously optimizing campaigns and bids, we ensure that your PPC strategy supports the achievement of your business goals.

    Tailor-Made Reporting

    We acknowledge that every brand's goals and KPIs are unique. Our tailor-made reporting reflects this understanding, allowing us to track and analyze specific metrics crucial to the progression towards your brand's specific goals, ensuring a customized approach to monitoring success.

    Inventory Management

    Effective inventory management is crucial on Amazon, and at Project e, we understand its significance. By providing weekly replenishment reports and considering peak and seasonal sales, we ensure that your inventory is constantly monitored and optimized to meet demand, maximizing sales opportunities.

    FBA Reimbursements

    At Project e, we diligently monitor FBA reimbursements to ensure that you receive compensation for any damaged inventory or overcharged FBA fees. Our proactive approach guarantees that you are rightfully reimbursed by Amazon, safeguarding your financial interests.

    Seller Central Support

    At Project e, we fully handle seller support with Amazon, promptly addressing any account or catalog issues. Our proactive management ensures that your concerns are efficiently resolved, allowing you to focus on your business's growth and success.

    Brand Management

    At Project e, we ensure that your brand is represented in the best way possible, leveraging all available brand benefits to their full potential. Through meticulous attention to detail and strategic utilization of brand-specific advantages, we ensure that your brand stands out and thrives on Amazon.

    Growth & Expansion

    With a proven track record of successfully launching multiple brands across global Amazon marketplaces, Project e possesses the experience and expertise to assist your brand in achieving successful launches on Amazon Australia and other global marketplaces. Our tailored approach and deep understanding of these platforms can facilitate your brand's growth and expansion...

    “We are deeply committed to realizing our vision of ‘Becoming the most client-focused e-commerce agency’, driven by unwavering passion and dedication.”

    Founder & CEO
    Syed Asadulla


    We are dedicated to fostering social responsibility by empowering entrepreneurs, particularly women in underdeveloped countries, through interest-free loans via
    19+ Entrepreneurs Supported
    9+ Countries Globally


    Asked Questions

    At Project e, we are committed to ensuring 100% service satisfaction for our clients. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our services after three months of onboarding, you have the option to request a full refund.

    Understanding the dynamic nature of businesses and markets, we offer monthly contracts with no fixed commitments. This flexibility allows us to adapt our services to your evolving needs and ensures that you have the freedom to make changes as required.

    To ensure efficient and expedited communication between your team and ours, Project e operates within the Australian time zone. This enables real-time interaction, prompt responses, and seamless collaboration, ultimately benefiting your brand’s progress.

    Project e offers comprehensive services for brands on Amazon Australia as well as all global Amazon marketplaces. With expertise in navigating diverse market landscapes, we are well-equipped to support brands in reaching a global audience and maximizing their presence on Amazon.

    At Project e, we prioritize adding significant value to the brands we partner with. We carefully assess and consider the potential for mutual growth, ensuring that we can truly contribute to the success of the brands we choose to work with.

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